Does Merino Really Work on a Bike ?

The answer is an unequivocal yes. Mons is not a huge company, yes, we are an established brand in the world of snow, but why would we risk our reputation and success forcing a square peg in a round hole? We’re not, we believe that merino will revolutionize the way people look at bike apparel…

Why is a Snow Brand making Bike Gear?

At Mons we are constantly experimenting with ever lighter and more breathable blends and structures of merino fabric. In doing so we came to realise that merino is not just for winter, in fact it’s a four-season fabric that works just as well in high summer as it does in the depths of winter…

Who the Hell Are Mons Royale?

These are valid questions and to answer them we have to start with the company’s roots. Mons is absolutely a product of its environment, New Zealand’s Deep South. A land of raging coastline, jagged mountains and vast turquoise lakes…

Mountains, forests, lakes and beaches

Africa is 36% wilderness, North America is 38%…. So what better way to celebrate our environment than to devote a summer to exploring it? From Montana to Miami, Long Beach to Boston the States is filled with proud mountains, lazy beaches and infinite rivers…

Crankworx Innsbruck 2018

Another 5-day festival of two-wheeled mayhem draws to a close and what week it was. We were graced with perfect weather, incredible action and a chance for us at Mons Royale to welcome everyone to our new European home in Innsbruck…

Mons Royale has a new home in Innsbruck

Apparently the Innsbruck Crankworx course is so big you can see it from space. OK small exaggeration, but it is stupidly big, like more hang time than being shot out of cannon big. These piles of dirt, whose size you can only truly appreciate in the flesh are the reason why Crankworx is considered not just the biggest event in the sport but one of the most iconic Action sports series in the world…


Dropppping! ROAD TO CRANKWORX follows our Mons athlete’s on their journey to Crankworx Innsbruck, Austria, for the second stop of Crankworx World tour 2018. This four-part series sees Conor Macfarlane, Peter Kaiser and their crew travel from New Zealand through Europe before hitting the Dual Speed & Style at Crankworx Innsbruck.

Sea to Sky in Squamish

I once asked my grandmother what happened to pubic hair when you get old. She replied “Grass doesn’t grow on a well worn path dear” and so it is with the Sea to Sky Gondola hike in Squamish…

City to Summit. An Innsbruck Adventure

Photographer Georg Lindacher and his friends head out for an innsbruck adventure to the mountains for a hike, slackline and weather permitting overnight adventure to enjoy the sunrise…


The ratio of fur coats to faded Gore-tex in Verbier, Switzerland leans fiercely towards the former. This exclusive resort can be prohibitively expensive, but the big mountains that host the Freeride World Tour final have also sheltered impoverished ski-bums chasing their dreams for decades…

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