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I once asked my grandmother what happened to pubic hair when you get old. She replied “Grass doesn’t grow on a well worn path dear” and so it is with the Sea to Sky Gondola hike in Squamish. The trail is only a couple of years old but is far from easy and it sees plenty of action as it is a local favourite that acts as a perfect test of strength and stamina. That’s why Squamites (this is an invented collective noun, don’t hold me to it) Dane and Britt Low, a couple with an all you can eat appetite for adventure use it as their barometer of their fitness and the perfect test of the Mons Merino Active Range. 

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Getting to Squamish is easy, cross the Lions Gate Bridge to West Vancouver and follow Highway 99 North for an hour and you’re there. It’s a town that’s used to being ignored by the tourists who have eyes only for the over priced pomp and ceremony of Whistler 45 minutes up the road. But for those in the know Squamish is a gem, hidden in plain sight. 

The ancient forests of the Pacific North West are unique, fed by a rich eco system that works together with the ocean to grow some of the biggest trees in the world. These forests combined with the Coast Range of mountains on which they sit have become an iconic playground in the world of action sports, producing some of the most talented and creative skiers, snowboarders and mountain bikers you’ll find anywhere on the planet. It’s one of the many reasons Mons have chosen this part of the world as our North American base. 



Enough eulogizing about the environment, lets look at the trail. Britt and Dane set off from the Southern corner of the Squamish River delta and climbed relentlessly up. It’s 3 hours if you’re in shape and know the trail, 5 hours if you’re not and you don’t.  

No matter what your level, we like to think we offer a little extra help with the Mons Active Range it’s strength lies in the fact that we have created a super light, quick drying and incredibly breathable merino fabric called Aircon that means you can regulate your temperature whether you need to cool down on a humid scramble up a bank in full sun or want a little warmth as you ramble over the cool forest floor getting sprayed by the freezing glacial melt water of Shannon Falls. 

When you reach the top you’re rewarded with some of British Columbia’s best views stretching across the Stawamus Chief Provincial Park with Sky Pilot peak to the East and Mt Tantalus Visible over Howe Sound. Worth the effort just to stop grass growing over this beautiful path.  

Photography: Adam Nagy @adnagy





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